Color is what it's about. Teresa embraced the entwined hues and shades of fleeting moments that she experienced everyday. Shadows at twilight, mist in the forest, a graffitied train passing in a downpour, or the floating colors that appear behind closed eyes. She "saw in color." These colors are layered and blended to make jewelry to complement not one piece of the wardrobe, but many.

Today these creations include beads and baubles from bygone eras. These luscious finds are combined with studio-dyed bone, horn, and resins, hand-sculpted stoneware beads that are fired in-house, as well as glass and stone.

Teresa Goodall designs are knotted, wrapped, and made to order by a small talented crew of artisans in Minneapolis. We thank you for appreciating our work. We hope you enjoy our timeless jewelry for years to come.

Raised in rural Minnesota, Teresa was a self-taught jewelry designer. Her parents encouraged her creative interests from an early age. Teresa's father had vast acres of salvaged cars. She would go through the old cars for treasure to be used in her early jewelry creations. Todway we continue to embrace the desire to use what is cast off, sourcing 95% of our bead stock second-hand.

Courtney Schaefer is now designing the Teresa Goodall collection. She is Teresa's neice and had worked for Teresa for seven years on the production side before stepping in at the end of 2019. She also has an art background having taken a variety of art classes in both highschool and college.